Harmony in Change artist reception

Harmony in Change Spring Exhibit 2024
Saturday, April 6, 2024 | 5:00 PM
9:00 PM

Giuliana Mitchum and Shelby Scudder create in opposite mediums and formats- organic and flat; synthetic and dimensional, respectively- and there is visual harmony between the two, as well as within their message and source of inspiration. Both women experienced major life changes simultaneously, and responded by pouring themselves into their art as a therapeutic outlet and a means to channel their emotions. In doing so, they reconnected with themselves, their talent, and their voice. Each artist collects while in nature- flowers and dirt for Giuliana; found objects and repurposed materials for Shelby- and builds a new narrative for these items that now stray from their originally intended purpose. They force us to focus on finding the beauty in small details that might otherwise be overlooked, giving them value and purpose, and reminding us that the potential of evolution lies in our willingness to embrace change.

With evolution as a key element of the show, the artists asked floral designer EmmaRose to contribute alongside them, adding a live element to the space that will be in a constant state of change, appearing entirely transformed from opening night to the closing of the show, yet beautiful in every iteration. 

The three women then collaborated on an immersive installation which will incorporate each of their mediums to tell a story of life: how a cornucopia of elements - big, small; organic, synthetic; rough, smooth; colorful, muted; lively, boring; planned, unplanned- come together in some kind of impossible harmony to make something complex but beautiful, unpredictable and ever-changing, and to remain present, curious, and accepting as we walk through it.