Rod Lathim

Rod Lathim

I am attracted to vintage objects which have a patina of history, hinting at the lives of the people who used them to work, manufacture, create and sustain life. The diverse pieces I find all over the USA speak to me and often inform the addition of neon light, which brings them back to reincarnated life.

Although I had very little knowledge of neon light, I was drawn to it - or more accurately led to it on a spiritual path. Neon light is created by combusting gas with electrical charge inside glass tubing. The light created is unique to simply observing a flat ‘color.’ The colors created by neon are alive - they are energy and light created by elements of nature. I am drawn to the ethereal, radiant light of neon. It is the closest thing I have found in our physical world to the light of life and love that radiates from our bodies (some call this our aura).

Each work I create is one-of-a-kind. I use real, ‘old school’ neon (glass tubes that are pumped with various gasses – neon, argon and krypton). My works use solid neon and sometimes beaded neon which is a rarely seen type of neon that makes a chain of little beads of light that travel through the glass tubes.

I enjoy creating pieces that evoke stories from viewers – or simply offer a taste of whimsy, color and light. My career as a director/producer/ playwright has been built around creating and telling stories of the human condition, hope, spiritual journeys, redemption and triumph. I like to think that this same spirit lives in my visual art. I have created commissioned works for private and commercial clients. I have had numerous solo shows and have exhibited in group shows in galleries in Santa Barbara and Palm Springs.

It is exciting to collaborate with visual artists like Chris Gocong and witness how light can evolve and elevate a two-dimensional work into a whole new three-dimensional creation. I look forward to continuing our work together.


Collection Preview

Sondheim’s Sunday by Rod Lathim
Sondheim’s Sunday
French Horn and Neon

This work is a marriage of two elements that are etherial, transformational and transcendent: Music and Light. Music, for me, is a spiritual and emotional experience that transports us beyond language and physical barriers. Light, to me, represents energy, life and love. Blending light and music is a magical process. And ultimately, this work is a tribute to Stephen Sondheim who changed the world with his music and artistry. In his beautiful anthem titled “Sunday” from 'Sunday in the Park with George’ the french horn is used to create an inspirational, uplifting and soaring melodious sound that celebrates Sondheim’s love of art and humanity.

Sondheim’s Sunday by Rod Lathim