david in front of his artwork. panda, lion, cheetah.

David Aiazzi

David Aiazzi was born in Florence, Italy and grew up in a small village 15 miles north of Florence. David’s passion for art started early in his childhood.  David was a shy child and found himself gravitated towards creative activities instead of common toys for children.  His parents noticed his love for art and encouraged him to pursue his passion. David studied under the painter and illustrator Stano Dusik. Dusik is mainly famous for children’s book illustrations.  He also studied and received a degree in restoration of paintings at Bottega Migliorini in Florence.  Due to being exposed to Florence’s artistic heritage and the birthplace of the Renaissance, David was both challenged and inspired. In 2009, during a vacation to Spain, David met his wife and eventually moved to the United States.

David works in acrylic and is inspired by the way a child perceives the world. There is no malice, jealousy, or presumptuousness.  His images are layered with boldness and deep color as he‘s intrigued by the connection between humans and animals.  Despite a diversity of subjects such as cityscapes and portraits, animals remain his favorite.  David is also fascinated by eyes and this has been a source of expressing the heart and soul of his subjects.   He has traveled all over Europe, North America, and Africa which has served as a catalyst for inspiration and has shaped his artistic curiosity. 

David has exhibited his work in both galleries and public spaces in Italy as well as throughout the eastern United States. David is fluent in English and Italian. He lives in South Carolina and his work is currently exhibited in Mary Martin Fine Art Gallery in Charleston, S.C.


Davids 2022 awardpainting of florence by david


2022 award amorimage of amor ferox by david aiazzi

Collection Preview

Painting of gorilla with yellow background
Come Get Me
Acrylic on canvas
40" x 30"
Painting of gorilla with yellow background